Seg Niebuhr – Owner

 Seg has been a civil, mechanical, and process engineer since 1994 with 7 intensive years in the biodiesel production arena.  He has served as start-up engineer for various providers of biodiesel production technology and has traveled extensively to consult and troubleshoot biodiesel processes and operations.

Prior to the creation of IPMC, Seg spent his time at a consulting firm in Atlanta working on projects varying from locomotive fueling facilities, rail track modifications, wastewater pre-treatment work, structural concrete and steel design, and vegetable oil extraction and refining.

After the consulting firm, Seg went on to work for a major company in the soybean oil extraction and refining industry as a facility engineer.

As was the case in the beginning of the US biodiesel boom, many of the operations personnel came from the vegetable oil processing field.  Seg followed that pattern and created his own company to support this exciting trend.  Despite the hard times in the biodiesel business, IPMC has always maintained close relationships with its customers and provided quality work at reasonable prices.  All of these components combined paid off and allowed work to continue coming in the door when so many were not as fortunate.