Previous and ongoing IPMC, LLC projects:

Biodiesel Specific


IPMC has provided process design, technical support for “rest of plant” design, and Owner’s Representative services to several clients in various states of project completion.  We pride ourselves on being able to bridge the gaps between engineering, construction, operations, and management.

Plant Start ups:

(1) 5M USG/year biodiesel batch process technology

(6) 30M or 45M USG biodiesel continuous process technology with water wash

(2) 30M USG biodiesel continuous process technology with glycerine refining

(2) 30M USG/yr continuous process technology with acidification reactors

 (2) Independent 20M USG biodiesel process technology using resin technology

 (2) Independent 20M USG biodiesel batch process technology

Rework and start-up of existing biodiesel production facilities:

(3) Plant Modifications and startup of a facility which had not run in 3-4 years and was reworked by IPMC.  The facilities used various independent biodiesel production technologies which were evaluated, modified, and brought up to the standards of current market requirements.

Feasibility Studies:

IPMC has been contracted on several occasions to determine the feasibility of several biodiesel undertakings some of which have resulted in continued efforts while others were found to be non-vital.



IPMC has developed, designed, supported the construction, performed the safety audits, and/or assisted in the operation of six propane terminals.

Vegetable Oil:

IPMC has served as in house engineering support to three soybean extraction facilities and has consulted in or performed the design, construction, start-up and operations of four vegetable oil refineries.


IPMC has provided civil, mechanical, and environmental design, construction support, and operations support to several rail clients.


IPMC has provided support to manufacturing clients in the areas of improving efficiencies, improving safety, decreasing warranty claims, streamlining the manufacturing process, and managing and assisting in engineering efforts.

Site Development:

IPMC has developed sites (designed for earthwork, site utilities, roadways, etc.) for several clients from chain restaurants to municipalities.